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More information about record 1517672 in the Marriages database
Day Month09-Oct
Parish Circuit Or ChapelHessenford
Groom FnJohn
Groom Agefull
Groom ResidenceTrewin? in Sheviock
Groom ConditionBachelor
Groom Rank ProfessionEsquire
Groom Signed / Marked (S/M)S
Groom Father NameJohn
Groom Father Rank ProfessionEsquire
Bride FnCatherine Enid
Bride Age19
Bride ResidenceDownderry in Hessenford
Bride ConditionSpinster
Bride Rank Profession
Bride Signed / Marked (S/M)S
Bride Father NameEdward
Bride Father Rank ProfessionEsquire
Banns / Licence (B/L)B
Witness Fn1?---
Witness Sn1Williams
Witness Fn2Emma?
Witness Sn2Williams?
Other Information
Transcriber Notes
TranscriberN Serpell/M Cordrey
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