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  • The records in this database have been donated by volunteer transcribers worldwide. Although every effort has been made to ensure that the transcriptions are as accurate as possible, researchers are advised to consult the originals for themselves. Unless mentioned otherwise in Transcriber Notes, the source for each record is the Parish Register.
  • Marriage records between 1754 and 1813 can be confusing as some registers combine the banns and the marriage, if the marriage took place in that parish. If you retrieve a marriage record with no date then it is probably a record of the banns.
  • Note that if there is no surname shown for the father of a groom or bride then it is the same as the groom's or bride's surname.
  • The wildcard (%) is applied by default to the right hand side of some search terms. To obtain more results, keep your search terms to a minimum e.g. to find all variations for Stephen, search for 'St' in the forename field.
  • Parish names should be entered as in other searches e.g. 'Juliot, St.' rather than 'St Juliot' but, as explained above, 'Jul' would be sufficient
  • The calendar prior to 1752 was different. The year ran from 25th March to the following 24th March. See pre-1752 Calendar for details.
  • Early records sometimes contain letters which were interchangeable at the time, such as u and v or i and j. Try searching for both spellings for surnames such as DAVIE/DAUIE.
  • Remember that some forenames (and on rare occasions, surnames) are abbreviated in the source records so make sure you allow for this in your searches.
  • otp is used as an abbreviation for "of this parish"
  • Where the Parish is displayed as a newspaper (e.g. West Briton), the records come from the Births Marriages & Deaths sections. The Marriage Date is the date of the edition of the newspaper e.g. the West Briton was  published weekly on Friday.
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YearParish Circuit Or Chapel UpForenameSurnameForenameSurnameForenameSurnameForenameSurname
1813South PetherwinJohnHELSONElizh. HSTROUTWilliamHARVEYAnnHAWKEmore
1813South PetherwinRichardGYNNGrace WilliamsDOWNJohnGYNNWilliamCOUCHmore
1814South PetherwinRichardDOIGEAnnPARSONSMaryROWEWillm.HARVEYmore
1814South PetherwinWilliamSARGENTJoannaWARNEJosephWARNEJosephBROWNmore
1814South PetherwinRichardHONEYSusannaPARSONSCharlsPARSONS ?WilliamHARVEYmore
1814South PetherwinJamesMASONElizabethTAPSONJosh.SMITHJohnJEFFERYmore
1814South PetherwinWilliamHILLMarySYMONSJnoSYMONSJaneHILLmore
1815South PetherwinJohnFRENCHElizh.BATHWilliamSTACEYJosephBATHmore
1815South PetherwinRichardSPRYAnnKENNERWilliamHICKSCatherineDAWEmore
1815South PetherwinSampsonPROUTMaryWOOLRIDGEWmHARVEYJohnHARVEYmore
1815South PetherwinRobertHAWKESarahWESTLAKEWilliamPARNELLRichardPARNELLmore
1815South PetherwinWm.PEARSEMaryROOSEWmHARVEYStephenTIPPETTmore
1815South PetherwinWm.WARRENJaneGERRYAnnGERRYJosephWARRINGmore
1815South PetherwinJohnJEFFERYEstherTAPSONJosh.SMITHGeorge TenhamCONGDONmore
1815South PetherwinJosephBATHSusannaPAWLEYWilliamHARVEYJosephBATHmore
1815South PetherwinJohnSARGENTJaneCOOKJohnROBINSRichardSARGENTmore
1815South PetherwinRichd.BATHMaryCOOMBEElizabethCHAPMANJaneBENNETTmore
1816South PetherwinWm.DAVYAnn SandercockGEAKEDigoryGEAKEDigoryGEAKEmore
1816South PetherwinJohnHARVEYJaneBENNETTJohnHARVEYWillm.HARVEYmore
1816South PetherwinJohnROWEElizabeth VosperHURDLEJamesJAIGOElizabethROBINSmore
1816South PetherwinWilliamSMITHMaryPENNEYJoannaMANDERWilliamHARVEYmore
1816South PetherwinJohnHARVEYJaneWARINGAnnGREGORYWillm.HARVEYmore
1816South PetherwinJosephBROOMElizabethMAUNDERRobt.NOTTLERichardWERRINGmore
1816South PetherwinJamesMASONAnnGREENWOODWilliamMASONJohn NeilRAWLINGmore
1824South PetherwinSamuelJENKINSSarahSTACEYRd.WERRINGWillm.HONNEYmore
1817South PetherwinWilliamCORNISHMaryBATEWilliamCORNISHJohnHARVEYmore
1817South PetherwinJamesSPRYElizabethKENNERCatherineDAWERichardWERRINGmore
1817South PetherwinRichardWERRINGElizabethNORTHCOTTRichardWERRINGJohnHARVEYmore
1817South PetherwinFrancisCHAPPLEElizabethGREGORYAnneCHAPPLEHarwoodCHAPPLEmore
1818South PetherwinThomasCOOKElizabethBATERichardWERRINGWm.HARVEYmore
1818South PetherwinWilliamPETTAnnGERRYElizabethNOTTLEWilliamHARVEYmore
1818South PetherwinChristopherRICHARDSMaryBULLERWilliamRICHARDSJohnCRAGOmore
1819South PetherwinRichardHORRILLElizabethSTACEYJohnSARGENTWilliamHARVEYmore
1819South PetherwinWilliamRYALLJaneHILLJohnRYALLOliverRYALLmore
1819South PetherwinCharlesCOLWILLJaneCOUCHSampsonCADDYWillm.HARVEYmore
1819South PetherwinJohnBROADMary AnnWERINGJohnHARVEYJohnDYMONDmore
1819South PetherwinJamesSTRIKEGraceROOSEWilliamSTRIKEAnnSTRIKEmore
1819South PetherwinFaithful AdrianSTEPHENSMaryJAGORichardWERRINGWillm.HARVEYmore
1819South PetherwinRichardCORNISHMaryWESTLAKEWmHARVEYSamuelMARTYNmore
1819South PetherwinIsaacDAWEDorothyDOWNJas.SOMERWillm.CASK ?more
1819South PetherwinSamuelSCAWNMaryBATHJohnSARGENTWilliamHARVEYmore
1820South PetherwinEdmund GregoryTAPSONCarolineHARVEYJohnHARVEYWillm.HARVEYmore
1820South PetherwinThomasBATTENHonorKINGRichd.JENKINJohnCOOMBEmore
1820South PetherwinEdwardHARVEYJuliaGILBERTJohnHARVEYEROBINSmore
1820South PetherwinThomasBALLMaryJASPERWilliamHARVEYWillm.HARVEY Jnrmore
1821South PetherwinRichd.WILLSCatherineBRAYJohnMARSHALLJaneVOSPERmore
1821South PetherwinJohnBOWDENAgnessTURNERWm.TURNERWm.HARVEYmore
1821South PetherwinJohnROOSEAnnDAWEWm.HARVEYSaml.MARTYNmore
1821South PetherwinThomasPETHICKMaryBROWNRichd.GYNNEdwardWEEKESmore
1821South PetherwinWm.ROOSEMaryPIKEJosephPIKEWm.HARVEYmore
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