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  • NOTE - the baptisms and non-conformist baptisms are now searched together. There is no longer a separate non-conformist baptism search
  • Where 'Film No.' appears in the display of the record, it probably refers to the LDS film number which can be found on the website
  • The records in this database have been donated by volunteer transcribers worldwide. Although every effort has been made to ensure that the transcriptions are as accurate as possible, researchers are advised to consult the originals for themselves. Unless mentioned otherwise in Transcriber Notes, the source for each record is the Parish Register;
  • The wildcard (%) is applied by default to the right hand side of some search terms. To obtain more results, keep your search terms to a minimum e.g. to find all variations for Stephen, search for 'St' in the forename field.
  • Parish names should be entered as in other searches e.g. 'Juliot, St.' rather than 'St Juliot' but, as explained above, 'Jul' would be sufficient
  • The calendar prior to 1752 was different. The year ran from 25th March to the following 24th March. See pre-1752 Calendar for details.
  • Early records sometimes contain letters which were interchangeable at the time, such as u and v or i and j. Try searching for both spellings for surnames such as DAVIE/DAUIE
  • Where the Parish is displayed as West Briton, this indicates that the record comes from the West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser. The Birth Date is that of the edition of the newspaper, which was published weekly on Friday. The same applies to the Royal Cornwall Gazette.
  • Remember that some forenames (and on rare occasions, surnames) are abbreviated in the source records so make sure you allow for this in your searches.
  • Tip: Click on the column headings to sort in ascending/descending order
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Year UpParish Circuit Or ChapelForenameSurnameForenameForename
1890TuckingmillMary Jane [Buddle]SMITHRAMThomas Marymore
1890TuckingmillJames HenrySMITHRAMThomas Marymore
1890Launceston, St. Mary MagdaleneThirzaSMITHBessiemore
1890TywardreathWilliam ThomasSMITHFrancis EdwardAnniemore
1890Penzance, St. JohnGeorge SidwellSMITHGeorgeLucy Sarahmore
1890Stephen in Brannel, St.Florence AugustaSMITHFrederick JamesAlice Maud Marymore
1890Stephen in Brannel, St.Hilda MaudSMITHFrederick JamesAlice Maud Marymore
1890Stephen in Brannel, St.Leonora OlverSMITHJohnLouisamore
1890Stephen in Brannel, St.MarianSMITHJohnLouisa Janemore
1890EgloshayleStelia EvelynSMITHCharlesMary Annmore
1890MillbrookHenry SMITHHenry Charlotte more
1890SithneyJamesSMITHGeorge CharlesEdithmore
1890SithneyClaraSMITHGeorge CharlesEdithmore
1890Day, St.ArchibaldSMITHJohnCatherinemore
1890Lanteglos-by-FoweyWilliamSMITHWilliam CharlesSelina Janemore
1890Gluvias, St.IdaSMITHWilliam GeorgeLouisa more
1890Gluvias, St.Ernest Charles FossSMITHWilliam GeorgeLouisa more
1890Gluvias, St.Ernest MarkSMITHErnest AlbertHarriet Ann more
1890TreleighBeatrice MarySMITHJamesMarymore
1890TreleighAnnie FlorenceSMITHJamesMarymore
1890Royal Cornwall GazetteSMITHS.more
1890Royal Cornwall GazetteSMITHGeorgemore
1890Royal Cornwall GazetteSMITHDanielmore
1890Erme, St.Clara JaneSMITHWilliam HenryAmelia Anniemore
1890KilkhamptonDorothy WinifredSMITHJohnAnniemore
1890CalstockPercy FrederickSMITHWilliam Vinettamore
1890Falmouth and Truro Mission StationEmmaSMITHDanielJanemore
1890Truro, Wesleyan-Methodist CircuitSydney HeberSMITHHerbert/Hubert?Mary Janemore
1890Camelford Wes Meth, Wadebridge SectionEdith MabynSMITHWilliamEliza Annmore
1890Columb, St., Bible Christian CircuitArnoldSMITHSidneyAlmamore
1890Columb, St., Bible Christian CircuitOliveSMITHRichardHannahmore
1890Columb, St., Bible Christian CircuitJohn HicksSMITHRichardHannahmore
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