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Year UpParish Or Reg DistrictForenameSurname
GerransJohn C & MaryJENNINGSmore
GerransJohn CJENNINGSmore
VeryanJohn & AnnJOHNSmore
VeryanJohn & Ronald VealJOHNSmore
VeryanJohn & JaneJOHNSmore
1826VeryanJohn BallJOHNSmore
1877GerransJohn CJENNINGSmore
1890VeryanJohn ArthurJOHNSmore
1899Enoder, St.John WilliamsJAMESmore
1903FoweyJohn HenryJonesmore
1914-19VeryanJohn ArthurJOHNSmore
1917VeryanJohn ArthurJOHNSmore
1918GerransJohn TJOHNSmore
1935North PetherwinJohn ThomasJONESmore
1939St Johns Cemetery, Wynberg, Cape TownJohnJAMESmore
1939VeryanJohn ReginaldJOHNSmore
1960Roche, Parish Council CemeteryJohn CharlesJONASmore
1963Lewannick JohnJONASmore
1977VeryanJohn Arthur ArchieJOHNSmore
1994SancreedJohn MadronJAMESmore
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