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  1. Unless stated otherwise, the records have been transcribed from Parish Registers and are listed alphabetically by Parish.
  2. First time users are asked to read the notes below, before continuing.
  3. The database contains transcripts of ALL Cornish parishes covered by Phillimore (published in separate volumes, starting in 1900)
  4. Early records sometimes contain letters which were interchangeable at the time, such as u and v or i and j. Try searching for both spellings for surnames such as DAVIE/DAUIE.
  5. For further information about the database, please contact Bill O'Reilly or Myra Cordrey (email addresses in footer)
Database Coverage
Record Counts
 Baptism Records1,365,955
 Banns and Marriage Records516,130
 Burials Records1,144,298
SUB-TOTAL PRs  3,026,383
 Non-conformist Baptisms111,117
 Birth Certificates1,752
 Marriage Certificates1,701
 Death Certificates2,346
 Strays - baptisms79
 Strays - banns6
 Strays - marriages220
 Strays - burials92
 Cornish Telegraph Marriages 1851-672,108
 Royal Cornwall Gazette Births 1811-14, 1850-52, 1857, 18901,887
 Royal Cornwall Gazette Marriages 1811-14, 1850-52, 1857, 18681,246
 Royal Cornwall Gazette Deaths 1811-14, 1850-52, 1857, 18902,611
 Royal Cornwall Gazette Inquests 1850-51207
 West Briton Births 1836-41, 18572,921
 West Briton Marriages 1836-9, 18571,620
 West Briton Deaths 1836-8, 1844, 18573,854
TOTAL  3,159,943

Other Records
Apprenticeship Indentures (ongoing)1,299
Bastardy/Filiation Documents, various years & parishes (ongoing)445
Emigration (ongoing)51,322
Hearth Tax, 166415,286
Institution Inmates (ongoing)34,646
Land Tax, 1799 & Returns of Owners of Land, 1873 (ongoing)18,313
MIs (ongoing)18,880
Muster Rolls, 156912,415
Protestation Returns, 1641-4231,043
School Admissions (ongoing)23,354
Settlement Papers (ongoing)862
Voters Lists, various years32,954
Wills (ongoing)4,827


 Parishes with Saints' names are listed by name not by St. e.g. Hilary, St.

  1. Underlined names link to the OPC's Parish page, where more information is available. (Links open in a new window)
  2. * indicates that later records are available for look-ups.
  3. P for marriages or banns indicates a transcription from Phillimores. (i.e. a transcription of a transcription, which had then been typeset).  These are known to contain many errors and researchers are reminded that they should always consult the original register entries. As with all early records, lateral thinking is needed when searching by name because of the many spelling variations. Abbreviations used are:
    w - widow or widower
    s - spinster, single woman or son of
    b - bachelor or single man
    d - daughter of
    p - of the parish of
    dioc - in the diocese of
    co - in the county of
    lic - marriage licence
    car - carpenter
    f - fisherman
    h - husbandman
    lab - labourer
    t - tinner
    y - yeoman
  4. BT stands for Bishops' Transcripts

  5. In many types of records, the abbreviation otp is used for "of this parish"
  6. The database also contains transcriptions from the Royal Cornwall Gazette and the West Briton newspapers. For these, the results will give the parish as the newspaper's name and the date will be that of its publication. For the West Briton, further details might be available here.

To contact OPCs for the various parishes, please find the correct email address via the links on this page.